Hamilton Custom Wood Products is based in West Michigan, which has a rich heritage in the furniture industry dating back to the 1800's. Through the years, companies in West Michigan have manufactured some of the finest hand crafted, heirloom quality pieces available. Hamilton Custom Wood Products builds on this rich heritage, creating tomorrow's heirlooms today. From intricate inlays to bold columns, everyday function to extraordinary beauty, quality hand crafted wood products that stand the test of time are our goal.

Design:     Just like every tree grows from a tiny seed, every great piece starts with an idea. Whether it comes to you in a restaurant and you draw it on a napkin, or you hire a designer to create your masterwork, bring us your photos, measurements, or drawings and we will work on bringing your dream to life.

Create:     We begin working on your piece with the best tools around, our hands. Through careful craftsmanship, with help from the latest tools, your piece will begin to take shape.

Finish:     After the final sanding is done, there is just one more step before your piece can go home. The finish. Hamilton Custom Wood Products is proud to work with some of the finest finishers in the business, Occasional Twist and TLC Interior Finishes. Gary and Tammy Lynch, owners of Occasional Twist and TLC Interior Finishes have had decades of experience finishing furniture, wood pieces, and even entire rooms. They offer anything from a standard wood stain to intricate, hand painted designs and faux finishes to give your piece just the look you seek.